I established my enterprise in 1995 in order to provide spare parts for selling list leading Lada cars. Unfortunately the leading role has disappeared but hopefully it is not the final result of the match. Producers, export companies and wholesalers of spare parts finished up or got liquidated.
According to Y2000 statistics there are 40.000 Lada vehicles in use. In the market of Lada vehicles and their maintenance shady and fake spare parts – though called original – caused a lot of headache to mechanics and owners. Putting these out and providing qualified AUTOVAZ parts of good quality has became our most important field of work by now.
Some of our partners are: daaz, autovaz, tiir, citron, balakovo, gzaa, plastik, factories… etc…

Our company has more than 4000 lada spare parts in stock, which is daily enlarged. We also distribute high quality spare parts produced by domestic partners. We offer 6 month warranty for our products for an invoice issued by a professional mechanic confirming the installation of the spare parts. On our list you find gross prices which we are ready to reduce for our partner salers. We are looking forward to your requests.
Unfortunately our prices are influenced by dollar rates, thus action prices are only valid due to our stocking capacity.

We don’t deal with delivery but your ordered parts are posted as parcels right away. If you have any piece of infomation that may help us to provide better service in the field providing Lada spare parts, please let us know via the Internet, phone or mail.

Thank you for your active interest and have a nice time browsing the site.